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Officer’s gloves

Gloves were an obligatory item for all forms of clothing, only in everyday clothing it was allowed not to wear gloves. Generals, staff officers and chief officers were allowed to wear both white suede and brown leather gloves, however, in dress uniform and when being awarded, they were supposed to wear exclusively white suede gloves. White suede gloves were supposed to be “short”, without leggings, with narrow piping at all seams.

The reasons for the introduction of brown leather gloves were the following: white suede gloves, “not to mention their soiling, when it rains and from horse sweat, become so slippery that they do not allow holding the reins; leather gloves, being incomparably stronger and cheaper than suede gloves, contribute to a tighter hold of the halter to a large extent and, in the rain, do not acquire the properties that suede ones are distinguished by ”.

It was allowed to replace suede and leather gloves with cotton (in summer) or woolen gloves(the rest of the year), provided that they matched the color of suede and leather gloves. However, in Leib Guard. Finnish regiment (as, apparently, in other regiments of the guard) white thread gloves were not supposed to be worn at all, and brown thread gloves could be worn only in exceptional cases (heat), during camp exercises and maneuvers.

In everyday uniform (uniform and frock coat), it was allowed to wear brown leather (but not cotton) gloves. When the headdress was removed, the glove from the right hand was simultaneously removed. The removed glove was placed on the visor or on the crown of the headdress (if there was no visor) with the fingers of the glove back. It was held with the hand, the end of the glove being released outward under the thumb. When wearing a headdress, when the dignitaries or superiors wanted to shake hands, the glove from the right hand was not removed.

Когда головной убор снимался, одновременно снимали перчатку с правой руки. Снятую перчатку укладывали на козырек или на тулью головного убора (если он без козырька) пальцами назад и придерживали кистью руки, при чем конец перчатки выпускали наружу под большим пальцем5. При надетом головном уборе, когда высочайшие особы или начальствующие лица желали подать руку, перчатка с правой руки не снималась6.

On our web-site there are three types of gloves: white leather, white suede, brown leather. But what about sizing? To do this, you need to follow quite simple steps:

1) Measure with a centimeter the circumference of the circumference of the widest part of the hand under the bases of 4 fingers (excluding the thumb), as shown in the figure

2) After measuring both hands, apply the highest value obtained to the table below (for example, if the right hand is 23 in girth, and the left is 22.5, then a larger indicator must be taken into account to determine the size)

Correctly selected size of gloves will ensure it to look beautiful on the hand, and to be a comfortable accessory.

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